Find an existing packaging solution among our many designs or let us design something for you.

Maybe you require a unique shape or size. Perhaps your needs for merchandising and display is completely new. We say, “Bring it on!” Our design team has a long track record of doing what “couldn’t be done.” Unique customer needs are the challenges we love to solve.

Inno-Pak creates cost-effective solutions perfectly suited to fit your needs and we’ll match your branding graphics or create new, complementary designs.


Packaging Design:

Create brand identity, a point of differentiation and enrich your patrons overall experience.

Innovative packaging takes a different set of skills. Our graphic design and innovation team stands ready to create solutions that enrich the dining experience and increase sell-through. Our packaging expertise covers a variety of substrates including thermoforming, injection molded and paper board conversion.

Inno-Pak has the right assortment of product from takeout containers for hot and/or cold applications to a variety of takeout bag options to meet any operator’s needs.