Get the INNOBOX EDGE™! The inner poly lining combined with our unique, inset fold means stronger corners with twice as many seal points for greater leak protection. Our INNOBOX EDGE™ is a one of a kind, sleek, take out carton, designed to be stronger than any other.

TheINNOBOX EDGE™ gives the carton a clean shape and provides additional space for custom prints. Every surface of the INNOBOX EDGE™ is an opportunity to display your brand and design. The strength continues to the top where the patented Innovative Reverse Lock Closure* locks in place when closed and greatly reduces the need to tape or rubber band the cartons.

*Patent D777,029

  • Custom Print Available
  • Leak Resistant
  • Hot Food Friendly
  • Cold Food Friendly
  • Stackable
  • Nested for Easy Setup
  • INNOBOX EDGE™ Leak Resistant Performance Based Packaging
  • INNOBOX EDGE™ Corners Adhered to the Inside
  • INNOBOX EDGE™ 8 Seal Points as Opposed to 4 for Better Performance
  • INNOBOX EDGE™ Closure Promotes Proper Ventilation to Maintain Product Integrity
  • INNOBOX EDGE™ Poly Lined to Prevent Leakage
  • Click Here to View Our Inserts, Specifically Designed for Our #2, #3 and #4 INNOBOX EDGE™
  • 10 Working Day Delivery on All Stock Products
  • Custom Print Parameters
  • 9,000-13,000 Custom Print Minimums
  • 4/Color Capability
  • 12 Week Lead Time From Receipt of Approved Artwork