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At Inno-Pak, we have a long history of creating packaging solutions for the foodservice and grocery industries that protect, market, and grow your business. As a leading supplier of both stock and custom packaging, we constantly strive to meet the diverse needs of our customers. While it’s true that many of our customers find what they’re looking for in our in-stock lineup of innovative packaging, others rely on our custom solutions to meet their specific needs.

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Multiple Solutions

Working with Inno-Pak means you won’t be tied to one specific substrate. Because we offer a range of packaging solutions, you can enjoy the added convenience of one-stop shopping, which saves time and money by eliminating multiple shipments. At Inno-Pak, our goal is to find out what you’re trying to achieve and then work together to create the best possible solution.

Challenge Us

When others say it can’t be done, that’s our cue to accept the challenge. No challenge is too big for our talented team of innovators. They can design and manufacture a custom solution that addresses your graphic and structural needs—without sacrificing cost-effectiveness. Choose from one of our many innovative packaging solutions, or share your vision, and let us help you bring it to life.

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Global Manufacturing

In today’s competitive marketplace, it would be difficult to overstate the advantages of global manufacturing. That’s why Inno-Pak is well positioned with production facilities in the United States, Malaysia, China and India, and corporate offices in Ohio, Texas, and Shanghai, China. Today, our global footprint is a game-changer when it comes to providing our customers with cost-effective packaging solutions. Each packaging solution is produced and shipped from one of our domestic or global facilities to our state-of-the-art distribution center for just-in-time delivery to you.

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Distribution Facility

This is another area where innovation takes center stage at Inno-Pak. Our new 315,000-square-foot distribution and warehouse facility near Columbus, Ohio is carefully synced with our web-based software to save time and increase efficiency. That means workers in the corporate office and workers in the warehouse have access to the same information about the status of every order. Best of all, our customers have access to real-time tracking capabilities whenever and wherever they need it.

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Compostable Packaging

Customers want their favorite brands to take a stand for the environment. That’s why we’re proud to offer Planet+ and Stalk Market Compostable Products. Many of these products are sustainably sourced from natural, fast-growing plants, and many others are BPI-certified and CMA-accepted commercially compostable. These innovative packages provide all the convenience of disposable packaging but with an eco-friendly afterlife. When commercially composted, they turn into a nutrient-rich soil additive that supports the environment instead of going into landfills.

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Eco-Responsibility & Sustainability

At Inno-Pak, we take the environment and our impact on it very seriously. We are proud to say that almost all of the packaging we provide is either recyclable, reusable, compostable, or a combination of all three categories. In addition, we offer alternatives to popular products that reduce case size and quantities leading to fewer shipments and a smaller warehousing footprint.
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