Deliver Value with Inno-Pak’s Carryout Packaging

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

– Will Rogers, Actor

Packaging is often the first and last impression your delivery customers have of your food and your restaurant. And those first impressions last for a long time. Given the importance of making a good first impression, it’s critical that your packaging reflect well on your business. After all, good food deserves good packaging—and great food deserves great packaging.

With Inno-Pak’s Carryout Packaging program, you can make a great first impression on your customers:

  • Handle customer orders with ease thanks to Inno-Pak’s stock of Handled Paper Carryout Bags. We have 10 sizes of twist handle paper bags with faces from 8″ to 16″ and gussets from 4.5″ to 9.6″. We make these bags from sustainably sourced, 100 percent recycled brown kraft paper, including at least 60 percent post-consumer recycled content.
  • Bring cutting edge technology to the table with the INNOBOX EDGE™. These cartons are the most innovative in foodservice with reverse locks that keep food secure inside the carton, tear away flaps that improve customers’ dining experience, and inset folds that provide superior leak protection and a modern, streamlined look.
  • Inno-Pak’s Molded Fiber Containers are made from compostable bagasse, giving you a sustainable choice for your cartons, plates, and bowls. The crystal clear, PET lids will also give your customers a mouth-watering view into the food you provide.
  • Compared to rotisserie chicken domes, our Rotisserie and Fried Chicken Bags can significantly reduce your environmental impact. A study by Trayak found that they cut greenhouse gas emissions by 72% and plastic weight by 86%. They also required 79% fewer pallets on trucks (saving on gas and emissions).
  • We have several sizes of Rigid Clamshell and Rigid 2-Piece Containers in stock and ready to rock! These containers emphasize durability and versatility, and they’re reusable, too.
  • Seal the meal with Handle Cuffs™ Tamper-Evident Bag Seals. Handle Cuffs were designed with ease and protection in mind. Too many tamper-evident solutions either don’t provide enough protection or require sealing every part of every order. Handle Cuffs make it quick, easy, and affordable to provide full protection for every order by protecting the full length of the bag.
  • Don’t sweat the drinks with Inno-Pak’s beverage carriers. Choose the pre-formed Molded Paper Drink Carrier or the flat-shipped 4-Cup Drink Carrier made from kraft paperboard. Both carriers hold up to four drinks.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your carryout packaging or expand your delivery operations, Inno-Pak’s Carryout Packaging has you covered. Download the Carryout Packaging brochure today by filling out the form below.

Deliver Value with Carryout Packaging

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