Grab Life by the Slice with New Pizza Cartons by Inno-Pak

Looking for a pizza carton that delivers on your customers’ expectations? We’ve recently expanded our pizza carton selection to now include options for standard-sized pizzas, personal pizzas, and even single slices of pizza.

Our new Lock Corner Pizza Boxes fit pizzas from 8” to 16”. The grease resistant barrier keeps your food safe whether it’s headed to the table or going for a ride to a customer’s home via takeout or delivery. Serve up delicious pizzas, strombolis, calzones, and more with these versatile, easy-to-use boxes.

For smaller pizzas, our 7” Multipurpose Carton is the ideal solution. Anti-fog, polypropylene windows and grease-resistant barrier keep pizzas looking fresh while keeping your products visible. While it’s great for personal pizzas, the 7″ Multipurpose Carton works equally well for chicken tenders, funnel cakes, salads, and more.

Make a statement with your design using our custom print program. You can feature your company’s logo or design—and start brand building with every pizza that you sell.

And for those sales by the slice, we made our Single Slice Pizza Carton. Designed for 14” pizzas divided into six slices, these cartons have a secure closure and an anti-fog, PP window to keep your slices safe and looking good. Like the 7” Multipurpose Cartons, our Single Slice Pizza Cartons are part of our custom print program. You can feature your brand and advertise your pizzas on every carton.

We make all of our pizza cartons from recyclable materials. They are widely recyclable as long as they’re clean and dry. In order to recycle the 7″ Multipurpose Cartons and the Single Slice Pizza Cartons, first remove the plastic windows.

For an extra grease barrier or to protect the recyclability of your pizza cartons, consider adding Inno-Pak’s Snap Sheets as an extra liner.

Are you ready to upgrade your pizza cartons?

Contact us for pricing, samples, and with any questions you may have.

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