NEW! Inno-Pak Compostable INNOBOX EDGE™ Cartons

We are excited to announce the launch of our Certified Compostable INNOBOX EDGE™ line of cartons.

These unique, eco-friendly compostable cartons are BPI certified and accepted at Cedar Grove and Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA) facilities. Constructed from 100% recycled kraft paperboard with an inner PLA lining, the Compostable INNOBOX EDGE™ cartons have heat-sealed inset folds eliminating the need for glue by forming the corners on the inside instead of the outside of the container. This process creates a clean look and stronger corners with excellent leak protection. The patented innovative reverse lock closure removes the need to tape or rubber-band the cartons, and the patented tear-away flaps create a superior consumer dining experience.

• BPI certified compostable
• Cedar Grove and CMA accepted
• Made from 100% recycled kraft paperboard
• SFI Certified Paperboard
• Inner PLA lining for excellent leak protection
• Strong heat sealed inset corners eliminate the need for glue
• Patented innovative reverse lock closure(Patent D777,029)
• Patented tear-away flaps (Patent D876,951)
• Cartons are nested for easy setup
• Optimized case packs for shipping, storage, and handling efficiency

All five sizes of these exciting, new cartons are in stock now. Contact your sales representative for more information or to purchase these best-in-class carryout cartons.

Compostable INNOBOX EDGE Cartons™