Green Sports Day

Today is Green Sports Day, and Inno-Pak is pleased to get in the game this year!

Green Sports Day brings together the global sports community to increase environmental awareness, take sustainable action, and celebrate the positive impacts of sports. It was created by the White House in 2016 “to recommit to building a cleaner, safer, and healthier planet for all,” according to the Green Sports Alliance, which leads Green Sports Day. It’s a worldwide celebration by the global sports community and its stakeholders, and the Green Sports Alliance “has united the global sports community by making a call for climate action in the sports industry and to bring awareness to the sports greening movement already in action.”

Inno-Pak is committed to providing its customers with safe and innovative single use packaging that is gentler on the planet. Our Planet+ and Stalk Market Compostable Products brands take the guesswork out of waste diversion by offering a one-stop-shop for BPI-certified and CMA-accepted compostable packaging. Planet+ and Stalk Market Compostable packaging make it easy for waste diverting operators to keep both food scraps and packaging out of landfills. Demonstrate your commitment to the environment, achieve your waste diverting goals, and make a difference for the environment with branded packaging from Planet+ and Stalk Market.

On this Green Sports Day, we’re pleased to announce our new Stadium & Concession Foodservice Ware Catalog. This catalog is full of commercially compostable options for those who sell food and beverages at sports events. It includes hot and cold cups, straws, plates, bowls, hinged containers, cutlery, cartons, and much more. Download it today so you can get in the game.

The Green Sports Alliance, of which Inno-Pak is a member, leads Green Sports Day. The Green Sports Alliance is the environmentally-focused trade organization that convenes stakeholders from around the sporting world (teams, leagues, athletes, and fans) to promote healthy, sustainable communities where we live and play. The Green Sports Alliance is committed to creating awareness and dedicated to creating meaningful change towards a more sustainable future. It mobilizes sports organizations, communities, athletes, and fans to create sustainable progress and behavior change.