Inno-Pak Launches To Go Fresh Matched Packaging

Are you looking for a packaging solution that can fit virtually every need in your deli, bakery, fresh and prepared foods, or all of the above?

Inno-Pak’s new, eye-catching To Go Fresh design can help you streamline your operations, elevate your products, and build your brand. It’s a matched packaging concept that seamlessly blends form and function.

The Advantages of To Go Fresh

Matched Packaging, Matched Products

With To Go Fresh, you can connect your products across the deli, bakery, and fresh and prepared foods, creating opportunities to enhance sales of products in all categories. When customers see how much care and thought went into their food’s packaging, they’ll know you put thought and care into the food as well.

Enhance Your Brand

We tested To Go Fresh with focus groups to find a look that resonated with real customers. The refined, elegant look reinforces your brand image and makes your products look more appetizing. Instead of seeing a variety of clashing designs or, worse, messy packaging, customers will see a unified family of products. As one focus group participant said, “They’re not just throwing food they found in the package in the back somewhere.”

Streamlined Operations

With To Go Fresh and Inno-Pak, you can switch away from multiple packages and suppliers to one brand family from one manufacturer known for its customer service and innovative products.

What’s Included in To Go Fresh?

To Go Fresh is a full line of bakery and deli packaging that fits virtually every need, including:

  • Cake cartons
  • Donut cartons (self-serve and prepacked)
  • Pie cartons
  • Wax bags, bakery/deli headered bags, and bread bags
  • Soup cups and buckets
  • Rotisserie and fried chicken bags
  • Snack, dinner, and barn cartons

Your Customers Already Love To Go Fresh

Focus groups made up of frequent deli, bakery, and fresh and prepared foods customers helped create To Go Fresh. It was the clear favorite of several tested designs, and we used their notes and perceptions to refine the design. They provided feedback on the kind of substrates they liked, what kind of window configurations were preferred, the graphics and colors they wanted to see, and much more.

Ready To Go Fresh?

If you’re ready to elevate your packaging and your brand, fill out the form below or at One of our sales or customer care representatives will reach out to you and answer any questions that you may have.