Introducing Handle Cuffs™ Tamper-Evident Bag Seals

We are proud to announce Handle Cuffs™, the new, innovative line of tamper-evident bag seals. This packaging line is easy to use, and really “seals the meal.”

As we rely more on delivery and carryout for our restaurant experiences, we identified a need for better protection for those orders. A recent US Foods Study uncovered that 28% of delivery drivers admit to taking food from a delivery order, and 54% of delivery drivers admit to having the urge to take food from a delivery order.

Those results were a driving force in the design process for Handle Cuffs™. The design protects delivery and carryout orders from tampering by covering the entire top of the bag and “locking up” the gussets to stop hungry hands from getting into the bag. The gap where the handles poke through has been right-sized to allow room for bag handles and not scavenging hands. The gussets of the bag were a different challenge, though.

In testing, we determined a gusset was easy to pull out with just stickers placed across portions of the top, and staples are easy to pull and restaple. The solution was to extend the Handle Cuffs™ past the end of the bag, causing it to adhere to itself, and making it virtually impossible to pull the gusset out without tearing the bag.

Applying Handle Cuffs™ to the bag is so easy too. Poke handles through the opening in the middle of the Handle Cuffs™ and center on the bag. Remove the protective paper over the adhesive strips, and firmly press the Handle Cuffs to both sides of the bag and to itself where the overlap occurs.

It’s simple for your customers, too. To unlock the Handle Cuffs™, all they have to do is to tear the mailer style strip and the vertical perforations along the bag sides to get the bag open for the delicious meal they are about to eat.

Handle Cuffs™ is the protection your customers deserve and are available in three sizes: 16″ for 12, 13 and 14″ face bags, 13″ Handle Cuffs™ for 10 & 11″ face bags, and 10″ Handle Cuffs™ for 8″ face bags. Start “locking up” your delivery and carryout orders now.

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