NEW! Inno-Pak Compostable INNOBOX EDGE™ Cartons

We are excited to announce the launch of our Certified Compostable INNOBOX EDGE™ line of cartons.

These unique, eco-friendly compostable cartons are BPI certified and accepted at Cedar Grove and Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA) facilities. They’re constructed from 100% recycled kraft paperboard with an inner PLA lining. The Compostable INNOBOX EDGE™ has heat-sealed inset folds, which eliminate the need for glue by forming the corners on the inside instead of the outside of the container. This process creates a clean look and stronger corners with excellent leak protection. The patented innovative reverse lock closure removes the need to tape or rubber-band the cartons, and the patented tear-away flaps create a superior consumer dining experience.

  • BPI certified compostable
  • Cedar Grove and CMA accepted
  • Made from 100% recycled Kraft paperboard
  • SFI Certified Paperboard
  • Inner PLA lining for excellent leak protection
  • Strong heat sealed inset corners eliminate the need for glue
  • Patented innovative reverse lock closure (Patent D777,029)
  • Patented tear-away flaps (Patent D876,951)
  • Cartons are nested for easy setup
  • Optimized case packs for shipping, storage, and handling efficiency
  • All five sizes of these exciting, new cartons are in stock now. Contact your sales representative for more information or to purchase these best-in-class carryout cartons.

Compostable INNOBOX EDGE Cartons™

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