Steam Pouches & Produce Bags Breathe Fresh Air into Your Produce

Nothing sells produce better than the produce itself, especially colorful and fresh produce. There’s just no substitute for the bright red of a ripe tomato, the rich purples of delicious plums, or the reds, greens, and yellows of an apple stand. Thus, it’s crucial to have produce packaging that puts your best food forward. At Inno-Pak, we designed our Produce Bags and Steam Pouches to focus on the freshness of your packaging.

By highlighting your produce, Inno-Pak’s Steam Pouches and Produce Bags will breathe fresh air into your produce. Designed with you and your customers in mind, these clear pouches emphasize the produce that’s in the bag.

Inno-Pak’s Produce Bags and Steam Pouches

Our Produce Bags and Steam Pouches come in four different configurations of size and style. They hold all kinds of produce, like apples, peppers, berries, cherries, grapes, broccoli florets, corn, and more. They also require less storage space than most clamshell- and basket-based produce packages, and they’re easy to prepackage with the fruits and vegetables of your choice.

Our Produce Bags have a simple, clean design that maximizes the visibility of your products. Likewise, grab-and-go handles make carrying easy for customers and help you hang and display produce. Lastly, with our custom print program, you can promote your brand or provide instructions or recipes on the bags.

A Steam Pouch containing vegetables sits on a table in a grocery supermarket.

The microwave-safe Steam Pouches are convenient for your customers, too. For example, the vented design lets customers simply steam vegetables by simply microwaving the bag. If customers want to, they can add butter, oils, or seasoning to the bag before microwaving. Meanwhile, the anti-fog design keeps produce looking good long after it’s purchased. Finally, you can use our custom print program to feature your company’s brand or produce. Or, you can print instructions for steaming the vegetables or recipes using your products.

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