Tear at Flappy for a Free Appy

By Nicholas Healey, Vice President of Sales – Midwest 

What sets Inno-Pak apart from our competition? What’s the Inno-Pak difference? Innovation.

For years, I’ve had a passion for solving my customers most difficult packaging challenges. For 10 years prior to joining Inno-Pak, I struggled to find a way to turn an expense into something that can generate more revenue. That was always the biggest challenge I could not solve. Until now.

Our INNOBOX EDGE™ has multiple patents, but the game changer, in my mind, is the patented perforations on the flap. Often times when training sales reps, I ask a volunteer to pretend like they are eating form our carton. Time and time again, the carton gets opened and the volunteer pushes the flaps down. Every single time. With the INNOBOX EDGE, the flaps stay down out of your way. Our competitors’ cartons, which don’t have a perforation, have memory to return to a really annoying position between you and your food!

So, one day, I wondered why our customers don’t stamp the end flap and give their customers a reason to come back. Using this innovation is as simple as a stamp that says “tear at flappy for free appy” on your next visit.

A call to action, coupon, QR code… What do you want to promote today? An inexpensive, easy to change stamp can help you customize your packing easily while encouraging repeat business. While it might seem simple, it’s effective. There’s no other solution in the market that can do this.

Normally, we say “challenge us.” Now, I’m challenging you. If you are not using your packaging to generate repeat, profitable business, give us a call. We are eager to highlight how our innovation sets us apart and makes us different as a company.

With only a small investment in food cost, you could get a customer to come back to your establishment. If so, maybe it’s time to contact us to give the INNOBOX EDGE a shot and experience the innovation that sets us apart.